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Travel Experiences


Worldwide Journey Vacations strives to make your vaction dreams a reality.

I love to travel! I enjoy being on-the-go the whole time and taking in different cultures and experiences. My favorite things ususally involve history or art.

My husband loves history, but also wants to go scuba diving, swim in the ocean or read on the balcony with a cup of coffee. He’s happy to skip the art galleries.

My children (teens-adult) have varied interests including nature, art, classical music, history, culture, food, and ice skating. Each one enjoys a different pace.

That’s why it’s great to have a travel advisor who can work with you to come up with an itinerary that works for everyone in your party. I even have special certifications for working with people with mobility issues as well as working with adults and children on the autism spectrum.

Building Memories

After all, isn’t that why we travel? Here are a few of my favorite travel memories.

No Worries, You’re Covered

Pre-Departure Planning

Planning a trip with Worldwide Journey Vacations means that you will get personalized service throughout your travels. Choosing the right vacation means having up-to-date information. I have the training, personal experience, and industry resources to help you find the right fit. Transportation, accomodations, excursions and tours are just some of the details WJV can offer assistance with.

During Trip Assistance

Hopefully, your trip goes as planned. But if something comes up where you need assistance, I can help. While you continue on your travels, I can offer assistance in resolving issues by working directly with the suppliers.


Travel Protection

No matter how much planning you do, there’s always a chance for the unexpected. Medical emergencies, trouble at work, loss of a loved one, missed fights and lost luggage are just a few of the reasons why you should consider protecting your trip with travel protection insurance. While credit cards may offer some travel benefits, they are usually very limited. WJV can guide you toward resources to help ensure you don’t lose your travel investment.